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What Is VentureWorthy.com?

VentureWorthy.com is an entry point resource for entrepreneurs seeking capital to start up a new business.

Here you can find out if Venture Capital is a viable source of funding for your business and obtain help in finding the backing that you need for your enterprise.

Venture capital is a fund raising technique for companies who are willing to exchange equity in the company in return for money to grow or expand the business. It can be raised for all types of business, both technological and non-technological.

Venture capital firms usually require a high rate of return on their investment (20%+ per annum) and finance provided to the business is typically in the range of $500,000 to many millions of dollars.

An angel investor generally wants less control of your company and a slower return on investment, however the criteria for investment are likely to be similar.

It follows that both venture capitalists and angel investors are looking for capital growth and revenue increases of more than $100,000 per annum and critically, evidence that your business can deliver this.

The venture capital business has suffered setbacks in recent years because of high levels of investment in failures in the technology sector, the bursting of the so called "dot com bubble". However, venture capital remains a viable source of funding for startups which are able to deliver the necessary growth that investors are looking for. Past events should certainly not discourage entrepreneurs who have genuine winning ideas and business plans from looking for funds.

VentureWorthy.com is a resource provided by FundingPost.com that can provide advice on raising all types of equity capital, venture capital, angel investors, bank loans, sba loans or any other type of startup capital.

The purpose of the ventureworthy survey is to determine if your company is ready to raise capital, if it is "venture worthy".
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