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Capital Medical Venture

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Venture Capital firms are active in the medical device field today, as there are many good investment opportunities. A capital medical venture is challenging to finance as it requires extensive industry expertise and proper planning.

Venture capital firms are seeking new companies including diagnostics manufacturers as well as makers of minimally invasive surgical instruments and intracoronary radiation systems. There are investment groups that can provide up to $200 million in equity for a single transaction and will consider a variety of investment structures, including minority equity positions, leveraged recapitalizations, and management buyouts.

Starting up your capital medical venture

- Many entrepreneurs are seeking early-stage financing of companies in the fields of medical devices, medical information technology, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology products.
- Start up companies encompass the cardiovascular, neurovacular, orthopedic, and women's health specialties as well as instruments and equipment industries.
- Companies are often started by scientists and entrepreneurs in biotechnology: healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, genomics and diagnostics, medical devices instrumentation, and medical information systems.
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