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Canadian Angel Investors

Canadian Angel Investors

New start-up businesses in Canada trying to raise startup money can look for Canadian angel investors. Angels and private investors can provide funding and expert assistance to help new businesses of all types become successful--bakeries, card and gift shops, ice cream shops, brokerage firms, biomedical businesses, clothing manufacturers and stores, art and photography, entertainment, pet care and kennels, catering and restaurants, wholesale, hair and nail salons, publishing, day care, appliances, dry cleaners and tailors, used car dealerships, and others.

Entrepreneurs can receive financial assistance and expert advice from angel investors.

- Entrepreneurs starting a business in Canada should be knowledgeable and talented in the field of the business, as well as patient and motivated.

- An entrepreneur should review his/her skills, abilities, and personal goals before starting a business, to make sure it's the right decision.

- New companies are often unsuccessful because of two factors- unqualified management and inadequate financing.

- Angel investors are usually independently wealthy individuals, many of whom were also once entrepreneurs. Angels can offer new businesses both start-up money and expert advice.

- Because angel investors take a risk on investments, angels generally invest in companies that are interesting and show promise of returns on investment.

- Angels tend to invest venture capital in startup businesses within a certain distance of their homes or offices in Canada.

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