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Angel investors tend to invest in business startups that interest them personally. Angels can have websites discussing their interests and funds to make seeking for capital easier for entrepreneurs. Businesses of all kinds are sought by angel investors-day care, real estate, accounting, brokerage, pet supplies, dance studios, construction and contracting, entertainment, landscaping, restaurants and cafes, appliance repair, crafts, greeting cards, photography, web design, nail and beauty products, online businesses and more.

Angels tend to match entrepreneurs in ideals and goals of startup businesses.

- Angel investors, mostly prior entrepreneurs, understand the needs of a new entrepreneur and his start up business, and are able to provide useful expertise and assistance.
- Angels will invest in business startups that interest them, when entrepreneurs have promising ideas and goals.
- An angel investor is generally an independently wealthy individual, as opposed to a venture capital firm or fund, and takes a risk upon investment; angels may not see returns until ten years down the line.
- Angels take a vested interest in the business start up in which they invest, and become actively involved in the company to assist in other than financial aspects of the venture start-up.
- Angel investors help entrepreneurs create their businesses by supplying the funding, the office infrastructure for them to work, and the management and marketing expertise to assist them.
- Finding angel investors has become much easier with websites posted listing angel investors and in which types of businesses they would like to invest.
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