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Starting up a business requires start-up capital to get off the ground and cover early finances. Private investors or angels are a great source of startup business capital to help your new business reach success. Angel investors invest in all kinds of businesses-beauty products, pet supplies, day care, catering and cafes, web design, art and photography, interior design, appliance repair, tailor and shoe repair, retail, wholesale, landscaping, court transcription, contracting, candy shops, and more.

Private investors or angels will invest business capital in companies they find interesting and show promise of success.

- Small businesses are an important part of the economy today, creating 75% of new jobs in the work force, and amassing billions of dollars within the United States alone.
- The two major reasons why many businesses do not become successful are inadequate business capital and poor management abilities. Raising money is an important process in the early sages of a business.
- Angel investors are generally wealthy individuals who were, at one point, entrepreneurs themselves, and can give new businesses not only startup business capital but also expert advice on starting a company.
- Angels generally take a risk on investments, so they tend to invest in companies that interest them, have similar ideals and goals, and show promise of returns on investments.
- Private angel investors usually invest in businesses within a certain distance of their homes or offices.
- The internet is a great way to look up and find information about private angel investors.
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