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Angel investors are seeking to invest start-up capital in your new business, angels that match your venture financing needs. Angel investors look for many qualities of new start-up companies-if they are interesting, promising, unique, have potential, and match their own ideals.

Seek angel investors matching the financial needs of your startup business.

- An angel is an individual person looking to invest in a start-up venture, as opposed to venture capital firms and banks.
- According to estimates from the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire, angels invest a total of more than $40 billion a year in 50,000 companies.
- Angel capital investments are a significant source of funding for early-stage or start-up businesses.
- Angel investors invest directly in a company (rather than through a fund), and tend to stay involved with or active in that company.
- Angels are risk takers for whom the payoff for a good investment may be ten years down the road.
- An angel investor looks for terrific ideas, competent management team, real market value, outstanding potential for growth, and potential for increased return on investments.
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